This is the first episode of a new series for Random Thoughts called Let's Talk Intersectionality. Across the series, I'll be talking to many women from various backgrounds and industries about what intersectionality means to them, how it has impacted their lives, and how they have used it in their businesses.
This episode features Erin Papworth, founder of, a financial tool for women. She discusses with me how she realised that feminism was more than just her personal experience as a white woman in the USA and how she has used the ideals and messages of intersectionality to build her company.
The first in my series of True Crime podcast episodes. This features the case of The Boy in the Box, otherwise known as America's Unknown Child. Who is he? We may never know! The podcast takes listeners through the investigation and through the many theories surrounding the boy's identity.
The first episode of a series on good news for my personal blog and podcast. I record the podcast, then do a more detailed article with links to the original stories on my blog, Random Thoughts (you will find a link to this in the written section). This episode covers the negative covid-19 tests at a care home in Vilanova, France, India's decrease in carbon emissions and the planting of new sea meadows around the British Isles.
A Talk Radio magazine show where I was Executive Producer. The show was aimed at women aged 35-65. Within the show, there is an outside broadcast from Windsor, an interview with Coppafeel and phone ins covering whether LGBTQ+ relationships should be taught in schools
A news show where I was Executive Producer. This show features stories on the National Union of Students financial troubles, a mental health messaging service launched by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the outbreak of measles and mumps at universities across the country.
Presenter: Daniel Taylor
Newsreader: Sharon Lola
Sports: Dominic Magli
This package covers how climate change protests are organised, the issues of climate change in politics, and the affects on climate change protests due to COVID-19.
This was a podcast I produced and presented for Voice of London as part of a series called An Honest Conversation. The topic was friendships at university, and compares the expectations and realities of them.
For this audio piece, I assisted in producing and appeared as Entertainment Correspondent. This covered everything that had happened in the news over the week and what was coming in the next week.
This is a podcast produced for travel blog Journey In Progress on places that we would like to visit before 35 and why.
This is a package of vox pops for Journey In Progress asking people in London where they most like travelling.

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